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Mention someone in Outlook or Teams to get their attention!

This article will explain the @mention option within Microsoft Outlook and Teams. This feature will allow you to get the attention (by calling out the names) of other users or co-workers in those applications.


Mention someone in Outlook or Teams to get their attention!

When we are working in the office side by side, you can say “Hey, Crystal!” and I would acknowledge you! Mentioning someone’s name in a conversation gets their attention! You can do the same from your phone or computer with Outlook and Teams @ mentions. When you @ (insert a name) in an Outlook email message or Teams conversation, the recipient will see they have been called into the conversation.

Even better, when other people @ mention you in Outlook, the inbox displays the relevant sentences around your @ mention directly in the message excerpt. This feature lets you know what you need to give attention to inside of the body of the email.


How does it work?


In Outlook simply use the @ symbol before the recipient’s name that you want to call to attention. 

You do not need to enter their email address in the Outlook To field as it will automatically be added for you once you @mention their name.

I am going to use myself as the recipient that needs to be called to attention.


Hit Send when you are finished with the message.


When I receive the email above, I can see that I am directly mentioned in the email by the large blue @ symbol:



My name will also be highlighted next to the text that has been brought to my attention.



To get someone's attention in a channel conversation or a chat, @mention them. Just type @ before their name and then select them from the menu that appears. Finish by hitting Send.


You can also get an entire team or channel’s attention. Simply type a message in a reply or start a new conversation. Type @team or @channel and select the team or channel you want to mention and hit Send.


Either of these @mention options will send the recipient(s) a notification that they have been mentioned and need to check the chat. Viola! You have got their attention!



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