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Duo: How to enable Duo Mobile on a new phone

You've replaced your smartphone and no longer get Duo Push notifications.  Follow these instructions to enable Duo Mobile on your new phone.

If your new phone has the same phone number:

  1. Visit
  2. If prompted for 2FA, click "Enter a Passcode" then click "Send me new codes"
  3. Enter the PIN that is sent via text message to your phone
  4. In SAM, visit the "Duo Security" tab under "My Profile"
  5. Click on the QR code icon next to your phone in the “Duo Authentication Devices” section.
  6. If you are signed into SAM on a computer: open the Duo Mobile app on your phone, tap the + symbol, and scan the QR code with your camera
  7. If you are signed into SAM on a smartphone: tap on the link below the QR code to get an activation link sent to you instead.

If your new phone has a different number, contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

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