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Running FortiClient VPN on iOS Devices


Running FortiClient iOS

After downloading the FortiClient installer and running the application for the first time, you must acknowledge some popups before continuing to add a VPN configuration. Acknowledge the notifications shown below.


Picture1.jpg  Picture2.jpg


To add a VPN connection:

1. In the Add VPN Configurations popup, tap Allow.


2. Tap the VPN icon at the bottom of the screen to switch to the VPN page.

3. Tap Connections > Edit > Add Configuration, then configure the following. Enter your passcode to confirm adding the VPN.


4. Tap Done twice.

  • The Name, Host and Port fields are required. The User, Hide invalid certificate warning, and User Certificate fields are optional.

To enable a VPN connection:

 1. Tap a VPN connection. A checkmark appears beside the VPN connection to indicate it is selected.



2. Tap the < button.

3. Swipe right to enable the VPN connection.


4. If the username and password are not configured, enter the username and passcode in the popup.Picture7.jpg

5. Tap OK. When connected, the tunnel interface IP, duration, and the bytes sent and received information display


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