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How-To: Windows 11 Autopilot

Autopilot is the process your system goes through automatically to configure and install all of your applications, set all of your security policies, and configure it for company use when turned on for the first time. Please use the guide below to run through the configuration with a new Windows 11 machine:

Note: Do not connect to Davey Wireless or public WiFi when running the process, as it may cause it to fail.

1. Unbox computer and power on
Plug in all cords (power, ethernet, and monitors), setup docking station, etc.

2. Start Autopilot Configuration
The Autopilot process will start automatically when you turn on the system. Select the region you reside in:

Allow network to setup, and enter Davey email and password.

Please note you will have to approve a DUO prompt once signing in, and confirm the device is yours

Once device setup is complete, you will need to log into Windows to continue. After logging in, it should resume setup.
*Note that you may need to log in with the VPN if you are outside of a Davey office to continue setup at this point. You can sing in by clicking the sign in options under the login and selecting the FortiClient Logo (Red Shield Icon), and signing in from this screen.

Log in to the Microsoft Sign-in, you will get another DUO prompt and confirmation that it’s your device. After signing in, leave the checkbox for ‘Allow my organization to manage my device’ checked and hit OK

Hit Done on the following prompt and allow the Account setup to finish, then finalize by signing out

3. Setup Complete
You may now log in and use the system as normal. Other required apps will continue to install in the background.

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