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Tanium: Self Service Client

The Self Service Client is an application that's installed on systems that are currently being managed by Tanium. It allows the user to have a window into what's being installed on their machine, when it will be installed, and even allows the user to install available applications if it's provisioned to them.


You can find the Self Service Client by going to your start menu on your taskbar and hitting the windows button:

After hitting the button, you can type in Self Service Client and it should appear like below:

Once opened, it should look something like this:

There are 4 main tabs that in the Self Service client that are available for use.


Catalog Tab

The Catalog tab displays any available software that the user can install. From the above screenshot, we can see that this user has the ability to install Google Drive by clicking The blue install at the bottom of the icon tile.

Updates Tab

The Updates tab will display any updates for your system being ran, or are scheduled to run at a later time. We can see that there are no updates available from the screenshot above.

History Tab

The History tab contains information about updates that have been ran previously, or any applications that have been installed by Tanium. We can see from the image that the Default browsers have been updated recently.

Activity Tab

Finally, the Activity tab shows you the current status on anything that is actively running on your system.


The Self Service Client allows you to stay informed on the applications and updates being applied to your system, and allows you easy access to install the applications you need in an organized manner.


If you have any further questions or would like to know more, please contact the helpdesk. For more information on Tanium, please refer to the related documents.


What is Tanium?

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