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How do I order IT products?

You can access the Davey Tree IT Products Menu by clicking on the link below:




-Ordering Instructions & Questions-


To order any equipment listed here or if you have any questions, please contact Davey’s Service Desk at 330-673-9515 x8555 or email

Please remember, to place an order, you will need at least your manager's approval. Please include these four things in your order if you are ordering by email, please copy your manager.

  1. The item(s) you are purchasing
  2. The cost center
  3. The name of the person the item is for
  4. The shipping address

Some items are not kept in inventory, so please keep in mind some devices take longer to ship than others.

Prices are subject to change and we do our best to keep them as close to listed as possible.

Cellular Phones or Smartphones (Androids or iPhones)

If you are looking to purchase a new phone, android, or iPhone you will need to contact Kristi Smith at 216-215-1672 or by emailing  

Due to the ever-changing phone models and cellular service plan information, Kristi is the best point of contact for these devices and plans.           

 For support please call (800)445-8733 x8555 or email

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