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Working from Home/Remotely: How do I sign onto the VPN?


This guide should assist in signing into Cisco AnyConnect (VPN) to access the Davey Network when working remotely.

Please note: The VPN will not connect or work in a Davey office. You must be working remotely (off Davey network) for the VPN to connect.

If you are working remotely and want to access the Davey Network, you will need to sign onto the Cisco AnyConnect.

Click on the Cisco AnyConnect icon on your desktop. 

If you don't see the icon on your desk top, please look in the bottom left corner of your screen for the search bar and type in Cisco AnyConnect.


When it pops up, click on it.  

If you still do not find the program, please call the Service Desk at x8555 or email for assistance.

In the window that opens, to the left of the connect button, it should read  If it doesn’t, you will need to type that in.


Click the “Connect” button and in the window that opens, enter your Davey email Address or User name and Davey email password.


If you want to access the network Drives after signing onto the VPN, click on the Davey Logon Script icon.


And in the window that opens, click “Open”


You can click on the “PC” icon to view your Davey Network Drives.


 If you are already working remotely and do not have Cisco AnyConnect installed on your computer, please contact the Service Desk.  

For support please contact the Service Desk at (800)445-8733 x8555 or email


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