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Android Email Setup

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Microsoft Office 365 Setup 


  • Enter “Settings” by swiping down from the top of the screen and then selecting the gear.  Setting can also be found in the apps menu 



  • Look for “Accounts” 



  • Select “Add account” 


  • Choose “Microsoft Exchange Activesync”. On some phones, this may be listed as “Corporate”. 



  •  Enter email address and account password 


  • Select “Sign In” 
  • Select “ok” on the information screen. 



  • Under Manual Setup you can set the syncing period and items to sync. Do not select to sync messages unless you would like your text messages to sync with your email. 


  • Select “Next”. 


  • Select “Done”. 



  • If the sign in method does not work you should be redirected to the manual setup.  The manual settings are: 
  • Email Address: your email address 
  • Mail Server: 
  • Domain / Username: your full email address again 
  • Password: your password 
  • Leave all other settings on this screen as the default. 
  • After this the process is the same as the sign in method. 


Google G-Suite Setup 

  • Open the Google Play store  
  • Search for a Google Device Policy app and install it   
  • Tap the install notification or Google Apps Device Policy    to open the app. 
  • Tap Add Account and complete these steps: 
  • Enter your username (email address) and password. 
  • Accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. 
  • Tap Next to register your device with the server. 
  • Tap Activate to set the Google Apps Device Policy app as your device administrator. 
  • Do NOT create a work profile. 
  • Tap Enforce to confirm enforcement. 
  • (Optional) If you need to change settings, such as choosing a PIN for your device, you'll be notified to make these changes on the Policies screen before your device is activated. 
  • After you set up the Google Apps Device Policy app, all your G Suite data (mail, calendar, contacts, and so on) will start syncing to the device.  

For support please call (800)445-8733 x8555 or email

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