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Historical Account Statement for Residential

ZFACCT - Account Statement


This T-Code will produce a Client Statement. There are multiple options for running the statement for your Client. The default settings below will be to sort invoices by date, and payments at the end of the statement


Basic steps to produce a statement are as follows:


  • Company Code
  • Sales Office
  • Customer Number(s)
  • Key dates (a default shows here, but you can change the date range as needed)
  • Sort (defaults to date of invoices, or you can choose the “Sort by Ship-to” if the Client has multiple

How to handle payments (defaults to all payments at the end), or you can choose “Try to match payments to Ship-To.” (Note—if you choose the second option, the statement may show some payments that match, while multiple invoices paid amounts will show at the end. Suggestion is that you decide for each Client which way is best.

  • Print Options – This defaults to the Adobe form. When you are ready to print, click on the clock on the top/left (or F8).


  • You can now preview the statement by clicking on the “Print Preview” on the bottom right. The statement can also be printed at this point; otherwise, click on Print and the statement(s) will go into your


SP01 (Spool Request)


Go to SP01 to view your spool requests. Click on the clock to see your spool requests and print your statement(s).



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