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How to use XD07 to change the Account Group of a Customer in SAP

This document will outline how to update an Account Group using XD07.  An example of when this T-Code will be used is if an account was set-up as a ship-to only account but now needs a contract created with the account as a sold-to. This typically applies only to accounts that were created prior to Davey getting CRM.  Accounts created in CRM are set-up as sold-to accounts, which is the most versatile account group and allows you to use the account as a sold-to or a ship-to account on contracts. If the user attempts to close a CRM proposal as won on a ship-to only account, a contract number will not be received.


What a Ship-To Only Accounts looks like in SAP


  • There will be a red bar under both the Sold-to and the Ship-to address sections with the same account number as both
  • The Sold-to and the Ship-to Address has matching information


Note:  The user cannot tell if an account is a ship-to only account through CRM and the account group cannot be changed through CRM.





How to Change the Account Group in XD07

  1. Type the Account Number and hit enter


2. Click the green checkmark
Change the New Account group to be Sold-to party and click the green checkmark

mceclip3.pngClick Save

5. Click the green checkmark



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