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SAM: How to remove access

This guide will assist you in removing access from a user through SAM 
SAM: How to remove access
Overview: There is currently no way to request removal of access using SAM.  Access can be revoked from a user in one of several ways, this article explains how.
When an employee is terminated or retires, their user account will automatically be disabled when the employee's status change takes effect in the HR system.  The account is immediately removed from e-mail groups, and any remaining access or accounts will be deleted after 30 days.
When an employee moves to a different department or receives a new job assignment, SAM will reevaluate the user's access.  If the user no longer qualifies for access to a resource in their new position, that access will automatically be removed after 30 days.  If the access needs to be revoked sooner, open a ticket with the Service Desk.
When access is assigned to a user through a manual request (rather than automatically through a policy), this access will not be removed automatically when a user receives a new job assignment.  Open a ticket with the Service Desk to remove this access.
When opening a ticket with the service desk to remove access, please provide the e-mail address or username of the user, and the name of the resource(s) (i.e. group, role, etc) that you wish to remove.
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