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How to install the Cisco IP communicator

How to Install Cisco IP Communicator


To start the install you must be connected to the VPN OR be in a Davey office (keep in mind the VPN does not work in the Davey office only remotely); if you are not sure how to connect to the VPN please look at this article here:




  1. Go to windows search and type in “Software Center”. Open the Software Center App.
  2.  In Software Center under the “Applications” tab you will see Cisco IP Communicator:


  • Click on the Cisco IP Communicator icon and click “install”



  1. Once the install is finished the Cisco IP Communicator will be located on your desktop. Right click on the  icon and select 'run as administrator'                                                                                                       mceclip3.png
  2. If you have a headset, make sure it is plugged in. You can also use your computer’s sound and microphone instead of a headset. Hit “Next” on this screen:




  1. Select your audio device from the drop-down menu. *Note: If you would like your phone to ring through your computer speakers rather than your headset you can choose to use your windows audio instead of your headset from the drop-down “Ringer”:


  1. Test the volume of your headset speakers on this page by hitting “Play”. You can adjust the volume by moving the sliders back and forth. When you are done hit “Next”:


  1. Next test your microphone by talking. You will see the color bar light up. You will want your speech to make the light turn green. You can adjust the volume with the sliders here as well. When you are done adjusting, hit “Next”:



  1. When you are done adjust the sound you will see this page, hit finish:



  1. The communicator will now launch, and you will need to set up your extension. *Note: You might get an error that says unable to reach TFTP servers, just hit “OK”.



  1. You will see this preferences page open:




  1. Click the button for “Use this Device Name” and type in the following:

SEP00000000XXXX (SEP + 8 zeros + YOUR 4 digit extension)  This cannot be the Office extension, it must be your personal extension.  

Here is an example of my extension SEP000000008426 – Make sure you count 8 zeros before your extension.




  1. Next click on the “Use these TFTP servers” button and enter the following:


TFTP Servers

  • TFTP Server 1:
  • TFTP Server 2:


  1. The Cisco IP communicator will now launch and be ready for use. You will see your personal extension listed when it is ready. *Note: It can take several minutes for the program to launch the first time. You must always be on the VPN for the Cisco IP Communicator to work.

 If you need your Office Extension but it doesn't appear, please let us know so we can request it be added.  

 Please call 330-673-9515 x8555 or open a ticket at if you still need assistance 


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