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How to format your Teams messages with rich text

Have you ever wanted your Teams message to be concise and formatted properly!? Do you hate the fact that you cannot hit ENTER to start a new paragraph without it sending your message to your team!?


The answer is Rich text formatting - HERE IS HOW to make your TEAMS messages look more professional!!




Rich text formatting is available when writing any message. This will help your messages be more organized and easier for the reader to digest.


Just click on the little A at the bottom of a new message. This will give you all sorts of AMAZING formatting options such as…


  • Add a message subject line.
  • Bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough text.
  • Highlight text, change font color, and font size.
  • Add headings, increase, or decrease indents and add a bullet or numbered lists.
  • Insert quotes, links, code snippets, line separators, and tables.


Sick of pasting a website in your message only for it to be several paragraphs long? You can click on the HYPERLINK  mceclip2.png option to shrink down that website’s URL so it looks more presentable:




When you are finished with your message just hit the little arrow to send, Viola! – That message is looking good!



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