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How to speed up inputting complicated terms with Autocorrect in Excel

How to speed up inputting complicated terms with Autocorrect in Excel

Are you repeating the same value in Excel and it is complicated to input? The best way to repeat the value is to use the AutoCorrect Function in Excel. AutoCorrect will replace a shortened, quick version of what you type with the long complicated value.


Here is an example of how it works


Let’s say you need to input the same long name many times. For this example, let us use Captain Jean Luc Picard (that is a pretty long name!) We can reduce the time to type that out by using a quick, shortened version like CJLP or simply CP. Every time I input CP Excel will autocorrect the cell to display Captain Jean Luc Picard. Whew! Glad I do not have to type that out again!


How to make it work:

In Excel Go to File -> Options -> Proofing -> AutoCorrect Options and add your shortened version under ‘replace’ and the correct text in the ‘with’ column, as below:





Now each time I type CP in a cell and hit space (Excel’s AutoCorrect is case sensitive, so what you type in the cell will have to match your ‘replace’ text exactly) my CP text will be replaced with the much longer Captain Jean Luc Picard.





This tip will save you a ton of time if you are typing out the same long values in Excel fields (cites, names, equipment, tree types, etc.) Bonus, you can make as many as you like!


Please note: This tip works for the desktop version of Excel only. Looking for something similar in Google or Office online? Reach out to us and we can try to find a solution for you!



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