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Installing Truce + MobileIron Go on iOS


Installing Truce on iOS:

Note: You must be at least iOS version 13.0 to run Truce.

Step 1: Enroll your Device in MobileIron Go:



On your iOS device, please open Safari and go to MobileIron URL:

(Safari is the only web browser that can be used on iOS devices.)


Please use your Davey email for the username & current SAM password. Select “Continue” once entered.














You will be redirected to a page that reads “Your Privacy Matters.” Scroll down and select “I Understand.”
















You will be prompted to install the MDM configuration profile. Please select “Allow”.



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On your Settings app, you will see the “Profile Downloaded” notice above Airplane Mode. Select “Profile Downloaded” to proceed

Minimize Safari and go to the Settings app on your Home screen as a prompt will show the profile has downloaded.



Select “Install” in the upper right-hand corner once the Install Profile screen appears.


Select “Install” again in the upper right-hand corner once the Warning screen appears.



Select “Done” when the Profile Installed shows.



Select “Trust” when the Remote Management prompt appears.

























Step 2: Installing Truce:

Note: To Install Truce onto your iOS device please follow these steps after MobileIron Go is installed.


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Open the Davey App Catalog on your iOS device.





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Select “Truce” when it appears.




Navigate to the search magnifying glass and type in “Truce.”










Select the “Install” button to download. Minimize the Davey App Catalog and return to home page. Launch the Truce app to complete the Truce permissions setup.









If you need further assistance,

please contact your manager

or the

IT Service Desk

   330-673-9515 x8555













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