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Recommendation for managing passwords

When it comes to keeping your online accounts safe, you often hear that you should not use the same password for every website.  In the same breath, the experts also tell you not to write those passwords down where someone can find them.  So how do you maintain all these passwords without going crazy?  Use a password manager app!


A password manager app creates and stores a unique password for each website you access.  The only password you need to remember is your master password, which is used to lock the password manager when you're not using it.  Many password managers, including LastPass can also automatically sign you into websites, so you don't have to type those complex passwords by hand as often. 




Davey does not have an officially supported password manager app, however LastPass is a popular choice that has both free and paid subscription options.  You can download LastPass to your smartphone from your device's app store, and it is also available on your Windows or Mac computer at


You can read about the pros and cons of various other password managers in this 2021 PC Magazine article:

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