Obtaining Residential Job Briefing forms outside of CRM

This message applies to U.S. Residential Operations


The new Residential Job Planning Toolkits are now available for order! (Details below). This residential-specific Job Planning Toolkit contains a supply of new Job Briefing forms in an instructional and informational cover. A sample of the new Job Briefing form is attached for reference but is not to be printed and used. The true value of the new Toolkit is the combination of the information, instructions and the new form itself.


This residential-specific Job Planning Toolkit was developed, field tested, reviewed and revised by a team of managers/supervisors, field workers, and safety department employees. The final version was reviewed by the Davey legal staff and is now ready for use in the field.


All Residential Service field operations should begin using this Job Planning Toolkit as soon as possible but no later than August 1, 2019. If you have some of your current Job Briefings you would like to use first you may do so, but only until August 1, 2019. After August 1, 2019 the only Job Briefings that can be used will those in the new Job Planning Toolkits. You will notice that at the bottom left of the New Job Briefing form is a revision date of April 2019. The revision date was included to ensure we are all using the correct version.




Additionally, a new electronic approach has been developed for Residential operations to improve the transfer of information regarding job site hazards and general information recorded on the Job Briefing form. The system is called CRM365, and it now houses an electronic version of the new Job Briefing form. Employees gathering information on the front end of a work order can enter that information into an electronic Job Briefing so the known hazards and general information will auto populate when printed.


Important note: this does not take the place of thorough hazard assessment and documentation on the Job Briefing form once at the job site—its purpose is only to relay meaningful information on the front end. These printed forms must still be used in conjunction with the new informational packets provided with the Job Planning Toolkits.


How to Order


The following product is available on Take Root Marketing OnDemand at www.davey.com/marketing. This is a single sign on site and will require your Davey email address and current Davey password. There is no need to create a separate password or email address.  


Once you go to the site, you can search for the item by product name, SKU number or Product ID number. You can also navigate to the item by following the folder path By Product Type > Misc > Safety & Fleet > Arborist & Technician Training Materials. 


The cost is $2.02 per toolkit. If you have questions about ordering, please email marketingsupport@davey.com.



Residential Services Job Planning Toolkit SKU# SA-458 | Product ID 308



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