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SAM: How Do I Claim My Davey Account

Before you can sign into any Davey system, you need to complete a self-registration process called "Account Claim".  These steps can be performed using any computer or mobile device (like a smartphone) with Internet access.  During account claim, you'll learn your username, configure two-factor authentication, and set your password.

Step 1: Install Duo Mobile app on your smartphone

Davey uses Duo two-factor authentication to protect access to e-mail and sensitive data.  Installing the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone before starting the account claim process makes the process a little easier.  If you do not have a smartphone, you can skip this step and use text messaging to receive two-factor authentication codes instead.


Step 2: Visit and click on the Claim My Account link.


Step 3: Enter your Employee Number and the Cost Center number

You can find this information on your pay stub, or check with your supervisor.

Account Claim Starting Page

Step 4: Review and acknowledge Davey's Acceptable Usage Policy.

Account Claim AUP

Step 5: Enroll for Two-Factor Authentication

If you are claiming your account on a smartphone..

  1. Tap Start Setup
  2. Choose Mobile Phone
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Install Duo Mobile using your device's app store (if you haven't done so already)
  5. Go back to your web browser and tap I have Duo Mobile (you might need to scroll down a little)
  6. Tap Take me to Duo Mobile to activate the application
  7. Go back to your web browser and tap Continue
  8. Tap Send me a Push and approve the sign on request.

If you are claiming your account on a computer..

  1. Click Start Setup
  2. Choose Mobile Phone
  3. Enter your phone number
  4. Choose iPhone or Android (or select Other if you want to use text messages instead of the Duo Mobile app)
  5. Install Duo Mobile on your device (if you haven't done so already), then click I have Duo Mobile installed
  6. Open the app, tap the + button and scan the QR code
  7. Configure Device Options and tap Continue to Login

If you selected Other in the steps above, and now you're ready to link a smartphone app, follow these instructions to complete the activation.

Step 6: Write down your Davey User ID

If you have a Davey e-mail address, you can use it as your username to sign into most Davey systems, otherwise you will need to sign on using your Davey User ID.

Step 7: Update your personal information.

Please provide a mobile number or an alternate (non-Davey) email address, so you can use our self-service tools to unlock or reset a forgotten password any time day or night.

Step 7: Set your password.

Your account is now ready for use! The system will forward you to a landing page with some useful information to help you get started.

Please call 330-673-9515 x8555 or open a ticket at if you still need assistance

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